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Hoshindo Sensei Voyce Durling Jones
Voyce Durling Jones is a Hoshindo sensei - a master bee venom therapist, trained in Japan, now in Santa Fe. (visit the beautiful and informative Hoshindo website)

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Talon VanHowten, Beekeeping
Robert Sturm, Beekeeping

The instructors: Talon Van Howten is an expert beekeeper who keeps seven hives of his own and is the primary caretaker of 18 topbar hives at EcoVersity. Talon will be assisted by Robert Sturm.

Robert Sturm has been involved in organic gardening most of his life and has kept bees for five years. As a holistic health practitioner, he uses honey and beeswax in the creation of natural remedies believes we can learn a lot about being human from watching bees.
2012 Courses Cancelled

Dear Ecoversity Friends and Supporters,
We regret to announce that we are not going to be offering our Topbar Beekeeping class this year. We did not have enough people pre-register to make running the class economically viable. We don't know if the market is saturated with beekeepers or if the economy is prohibiting more people from registering. We have certainly enjoyed offering the class and we hope to do so again in the future. We will continue to report on the 2012 beekeeping season and will publish other information and news about beekeeping on our beekeeping page at
For more information about beekeeping classes and other beekeeping resources in the community you can contact the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers' Association by email.
Robert Sturm will continue to maintain Ecoversity's twelve hives and will be available for consultation. Please
email Robertif you wish to contact him.
Many thanks for your interest in Ecoversity,
Jeff Harbour

Here is a slideshow of pictures from the summer 2010 classes:

See the new films "Bee Meditation", and "Bee Harvest", on our beekeeping TV page

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