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Fracking for Gas
2010 Record Warming
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Algae for Food and Fuel
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The Cove Movie
Movie: "The Cove"
Hip, edgy docudrama exposing the dolphin massacres in Japan.
(view trailer)

Movie: "The Ocean"
Jacques Perrin, creator of "Winged Migration" is preparing a new movie on the Ocean (read interview)

Watch a Dolphin Blowing Bubble Rings

"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me." - Isaac Newton

Global Warming & Ocean Health
SeaWIFS Teacher's Resources

In the Future, We'll All Eat Jellyfish (story)

Monaco Declaration
State of the Oceans
Ocean Conservancy
Mangrove Action Project
NCCOS Coral Reefs

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The Ocean Planet

The Ocean Planet

Here in the mountains of New Mexico, we don't need to think too much about the ocean; there are no tsunamis, no rising sea-levels, and no fisherman lost at sea in storms. But there's no place land-locked enough to hide if the oceans get sick. This is an ocean planet, and this ocean, like the atmosphere, is a single thing, one biological broth from Asia to the Caribbean; and the ocean creates the atmosphere we breath and play in, wherever we live. But we have been treating this ocean like a cesspool, dumping garbage and wastes and toxins into its waters of life, while strip-mining the ocean's own life systems which might have helped keep it clean and healthy. This is not just a problem for coastal 3rd world fish-eating populations. For example, the ocean's blue-green algae produce 60-70 % of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere, the oxygen we breathe.

UN's Ban Ki-moon: World's Oceans Need Rescue from Human Carelessness
Speaking on the occasion of the first 'United Nations World Oceans Day', the Secretary-General said "Vulnerable marine ecosystems, such as corals, and important fisheries are being damaged by over-exploitation, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, destructive fishing practices, invasive alien species and marine pollution, especially from land-based sources... Increased ocean temperatures, sea-level rise and ocean acidification caused by climate change pose further threats to marine life, coastal and island communities and national economies". (report)

Climate Deal Must Cover Acid Oceans, World Scientists Urge
Bonn, Germany, June 1, 2009 (ENS) - "The increasing acidity of the world's oceans due to global warming must not be left off the agenda at the United Nations Copenhagen climate negotiations in December, 70 of the world's science academies warned today.
Last Coral Reefs
"The oceans are now more acidic now than they have been for 800,000 years, the academies said in a joint statement, and they predicted dire consequences for food production and the livelihoods of millions of people if this challenge is not addressed. The absorption of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide causes irreversible ocean acidification, which the scientists say will cause 'massive corrosion of coral reefs and dramatic changes in the makeup of ocean biodiversity'..." (full story at ENS)
News Feed: Climate and Ocean Acidification
Environmental Damage: 85 Percent Of All Oyster Reefs Gone
"Overfishing and unchecked coastal development have resulted in the disappearance of 85 percent of all oyster reefs, making the ecosystem one of the most severely affected marine habitats in the world, according to a study released Thursday.
The Nature Conservancy study found that several reefs in China have seen drastic declines over the past 30 years, while those in Europe have almost entirely disappeared. Half of the shellfish populations in South America are under threat, while flat oysters have been virtually wiped out in Australia.
Native oyster reefs- essentially mountains of the bivalves cemented together - were once dominant features of many temperate estuaries around the world. Much as coral reefs are critical to marine habitats, the bivalve shellfish are vital to bays and estuaries, the report said, providing important benefits by filtering water, creating food and habitat for fish, crabs and birds, and serving as natural coastal buffers from boat wakes, sea level rise and storms..."
(full story)

Google Earth 5.0 Launch: Oceans!
Google's big gift to the world keeps getting better, and 5.0 is a knockout. Now we have the ocean and ocean-floor data, a growing Google Mars and Google Sky, absorbing the latest imagery as it comes available. You can explore the oceanic trenches, Martian volcanoes, and deep-field views of thousands of galaxies. And as we mentioned below, all of this serves as a scaffolding for further data subsets developed by the scientific and ecological community. (download Earth 5.0)

Sylvia Earle Sylvia Earle, whose comment to Eric Schmidt inspired Google Oceans, was awarded a TED Prize last week.
"Sylvia Earle is a dedicated advocate for the worlds oceans and the creatures that live in them. Her voice speaks with wonder and amazement at the glory of the oceans and with urgency to awaken the public from its ignorance about the role the oceans plays in all of our lives and the importance of maintaining their health."

TED Prizes 2009 / Sylvia Earle: Google Oceans / Nat Geo: Sylvia Earle / NPR Interview / Google Earth Ocean

Ghost nets
Ghost Nets Hurting Marine Environment
"Large amounts of fishing gear lost at sea or abandoned by fishers are hurting the marine environment, impacting fish stocks through "ghost fishing" and posing a hazard to ships, according to a new report jointly produced by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP)..." (story)

"Man is assaulting the oceans. They will smite him if he does not take care.." (The Economist)

    Ecoversity TV: Ocean
Many videos in our Ocean playlist, on overfishing, pirate fishing, coral health, whaling, and many other topics...

Carl Safina at PopTech
Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean, speaking on the state of the seas last fall at the PopTech America Re-imagined Conference: watch video
Carl Safina's Blue Ocean website

American Prospect: State of the Oceans Report (pdf)

Isabella Rosselini's Green Porn
Isabella Rosselini's Green Porn
Second Season

Sundance hosts the latest season of Isabella Rosselini's surprising and amusing series on creature sex. "Green Porn 2" includes whales, starfish, limpets and barnacles, and can be viewed online HERE

transparent head

Deep Fish has Transparent Head
Discovered: a deep-sea fish with a transparent domed head... and more at Creature Feature
Going Diving? Visit before you go and learn how you can help save the reefs you visit while on vacation... This is a good organization with a great website...
Watch and join in on a Seesmic interview with ReefCheck's Greg Hodgsen.

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