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Polar bear video by Christo &: Wilkinson
Alarming Acceleration
of Arctic Warming Detected

Case Focus: Arctic Melt
videos: C.Christo & M.Wilkinson
Updated with new links, 2/18

Pogue interviews E.O.Wilson
E.O.Wilson: "The world is full of amateurs: gifted amateurs, devoted amateurs... Anybody can pick up information in interesting places, find new species or rediscover what was thought to be a vanished species, or some new biological fact about a species already known, and can provide that right into The Encyclopedia of Life."
NYTimes' David Pogue interview with E.O.Wilson: transcript

Arctic methane release
Dramatic new videos of methane release and a meltwater 'moulin' in Case Focus: "Arctic Melt"

Thomas Berry, RIP

Thomas Berry, theologian and environmentalist, author of The Dream of the Earth and The Great Work, died in early June at the age of 94.
From the Times obit: "Dr. Berry's books and lectures inspired a devoted lineage of academicians and environmentalists to explore the interface of religion, human nature and ecology..."
(read the NYT profile)

Ecoversity is a non-profit educational center which explores and demonstrates concepts of sustainable living, ecological design, and responsibility for the wise stewardship of the Earth.
Established in 1999 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ecoversity offers a unique curriculum designed to regenerate the Earth and revitalize the human spirit.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

The Green Patriarch: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
The name "Green Patriarch' is hardly sufficient to describe this amazing man, who, while still in the grip of the tidal forces of human history unleashed by the collapse of the Roman Empire, is one of the few who really grasps the significance of the current moment for the future of humanity and Creation. His quiet and persevering influence has been great, up there with Al Gore, maybe more so. This is a powerful film on a true spiritual leader working behind the scenes to change the way humanity relates to Earth and Nature. (watch The Green Patriarch)

Copenhagen Conference
COP15 - Copenhagen Climate Conference Updates
David Corn, for Mother Jones: "[The President's speech] was widely seen at the Bella Center as a sign that talks had collapsed. American environmentalists appeared stunned, as they grappled with the implications: maybe collective global action to address global warming is not possible. . ." (see David Corn's commentary)
- President Obama press conference - answers criticisms of COP15
- Watch President Obama's Speech in Copenhagen

- WorldWildlife Fund is running coverage of the Conference here
- Democracy Now is broadcasting live from Copenhagen during the conference- watch the shows at Democracy Now
- Al Gore tried his best to stir up the COP15 Conference - watch the speech here

Ecoversity Lecture Series 2010
Ecoversity will be hosting a sustainability lecture series this spring covering a wide variety of subjects. Les Crowder will speak on bees and beekeeping, Heidi Hamlin on goats and goat-keeping, Michael Melendrez on soil, David Sullenberger on poultry management, Gordon Tooley on trees, and Alfonz Viszolay on algae, and more to be announced. Lectures will be scheduled on the weekends, and the cost for each will be $15. Space is limited- call Ecoversity at 424 9797 for dates and times and to reserve your space.

Michelle Obama and Michael Pollan
on Food, Diet, and Health

Michelle Obama spoke about the importance of local fresh produce and healthy diet on the occasion of the harvest of the White House food garden which she initiated with the children of Bancroft Elementary School this last spring. Michael Pollan talks about Michelle's speech in the context of food quality as a health issue "She gave an amazing speech..." and the difficulties Obama is facing in reforming the food system. (view videos)

Vandana Shiva speaking in Santa Fe
Vandana Shiva talks about the true costs of the Green Revolution in terms of loss of bio-diversity and loss of nutritional value of the newly introduced high response varieties. Then she addresses the truly disastrous introduction of genetically modified cotton and corn and the resulting suicides among Indian farmers. (view videos)

Podcast: Fragility, Gaia, and the Evolution of Humanity
"Xavier Le Pichon is one of the world's leading geophysicists, and his pioneering research on plate tectonics revolutionized our understanding of how the earth works. He has also spent decades living in community with people and families facing disability and has emerged with a rare perspective on the meaning of humanity - a perspective equally informed by his scientific and personal encounters with fragility as a fundament of vital, evolving systems..." (podcast)

Bee Meditation
from "Bee Meditation" A new film from Kanseki, of the bees at Ecoversity.

Beekeeping 2010
You may find a schedule of 2010 Beekeeping courses here, including a description of each course. See more new bee films, including Talon Van Howten and the 2009 beekeeping courses, at Beekeeping TV

Steven Chu to DOE President Obama has named Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Chu, head of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to be Secretary of Energy. Dr. Chu is a strong proponent of boosting scientific education and the development of alternative energy technologies to urgently combat anthropogenic climate change. Dr. Chu: "What the world does in the coming decade will have enormous consequences that will last for centuries. It's imperative that we begin without further delay."
More on Dr. Chu and videos of his recent public talks at Ecoversity TV

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Obama and COP15 Highlights

Pres. Obama Address to COP15
Watch President Obama's address to the COP15 climate conference, and other highlights and reports from Copenhagen here
Update: Watch Obama's presser answering criticism of the Conference results.

Recent Press:

Santa Fe New Mexican 11/28/08
"A New Energy Frontier"

KSFR: Diego Mulligan Interviews
- Mar 24 2009: Diego interviews Andrew Fikiforuk, author of Tar Sands, and Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zone, with Ecoversity's RP Harbour accompanying. (download mp3)
-Interview with Ecoversity's RP Harbour and Willem Malten, 12/30/08 (mp3)
-Interview with Alphonz Viszolay 12/16/08 (mp3)

Melendrez interviewed

Soil, the Terrestrial Biosphere
A 5-part Ecoversity interview with Michael Melendrez on the nature of soil and techniques for soil remediation and stewardship.
Read more at the Vortex blog
Watch the interview videos

PBS Frontline: HEAT
Frontline's powerful program on human-caused global warming can be seen online here.
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