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Google Earth
Google Earth
Download Google Earth and explore our planet and biosphere like never before!

Encyclopedia of Life

It has begun!
E.O.Wilson's TED prize proposal, an online Wiki of Earth Life, has officially begun; several thousand entries already...
Interview: TED prize curator Chris Anderson on Charlie Rose

Species Ringtones
Download free endangered species ringtones from the Center for Biological Diversity


TreeHugger is seeking expert writers (paid) on a variety of areas.

Register for Planet Diversity Congress May 12-16 Bonn, Germany
Register / more info

IISD Reporting Services
Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Al Gore Bali and Nobel Speeches

Al Gore's Nobel Speech: video
Al Gore's Bali Speech: video

Saved By The Sun
Saved By The Sun
An excellent survey from NOVA of the current state of solar power across the world. Covers the critical science, the critical policies, the technologies on the horizon. "Saved By The Sun" is airing currently and through April on PBS NOVA, and can be viewed online HERE

Marine Report Major report on Human Impacts on The Marine Environment... download the Marine Impacts KML for your Google Earth.

Alex Steffen: "I've been thinking about the fate of declining suburbs, bombed out shrinking old industrial cities and the drying up ghost towns of the high plains, when I came across a journal note mentioning something Bruce Sterling said to me this fall in San Francisco: 'The ruins of the unsustainable are the 21st century's frontier.'"

Modis Earth

Now for Google Earth: Global Atmospheric Image Layer
JPL has made a KML for Google Earth with Terra MODIS images providing global atmospheric cloud cover from less than 24 hour-old imagery. info / download

Plan B 3.0
Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
Lester Brown's new book can be read or downloaded online at Earth Policy

Ecoversity blogs:

"In order to solve the climate crisis, we have to solve the democracy crisis"- Al Gore

Ecoversity: News, Links and Resources
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Climate: The New Urgency

Jim Hansen of NASA Clock Running Out on Irreversible Climate Change Part I
Jim Hansen, YaleGlobal, 16 April 2008
"...A major fight is brewing; it might be called a war. On the one side, we find the short-term financial interests of the fossil-fuel industry. On the other side: young people and other beings who will inherit the planet. The fight seems uneven. The fossil-fuel industry is launching a disinformation campaign, and they have powerful influence in capitals around the world.
Young people seem pretty puny in comparison to industry moguls, and animals dont talk or vote. The battle may start with local and regional skirmishes, one coal plant at a time. But it could build rapidly... we're running out of time.
Meanwhile, the moguls' dirtiest trick is spewing green messages to the public propaganda, intended to leave the impression theyre moving in the right direction. Meanwhile, they hire scientific has-beens to dispute evidence and confuse the public.
When will we know that the long-term public interest has overcome the greed? When investors, companies and governments begin to invest en masse in renewable energies, when all aim for zero-carbon emissions..."

Hansen, Part 1: Producers toy with scarcity, allowing fuel prices to soar while the earth edges closer to catastrophe
Bo Ekman, Part 2: To fight climate change, environmental necessity must trump political convenience

Target CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?
Download Jim Hansen's latest paper

Clearcutting the Climate
"...Today's challenge is not that climate change will be left out of the dialogue - in fact, everyone from the Bush Gang to Fortune 500 CEO's are proposing all sorts of minor tweaks that they claim will address climate change, while coincidentally allowing them to continue business as usual. So there's plenty of talk.... The problem is that few genuine, comprehensive plans of action are in the works to honestly try to veer us off our collision course with biospheric collapse. The dragon the environmental movement must now slay has a name and it is: "greenwash." -Josh Schlossberg, TruthOut
"Dr. Alder Fuller minced no words in explaining how the planet might already be past the tipping point for catastrophic climate change. The future, as he sees it, holds planetary changes which he predicts will be 'rapid, violent and chaotic,' ones that may 'end civilization as we know it,' such as: heating oceans, large scale ecosystem destruction, and - oh yes - eradication of all but a billion humans from the face of the Earth." -Clearcutting the Climate

" ...there are forces at work both in the corridors of political power and the boardrooms of industry that oppose renewable energy development. To fight against the forces that see their interests somehow threatened by the renewable revolution, Americans must unite behind the promise of clean energy, produced by Americans for Americans. We owe it to ourselves, to our children, and to the planet to meet the challenge." -Solar Nation

The IPCC: The Science Is In on Climate Change
Citizens and scientists demand action from political leaders transcript / video streaming

Launching An International Grassroots Climate Campaign
"...Within a matter of weeks, the Great Arctic Melt of '07 was underway, and the Northwest Passage was starting to open. In the months since, the science has continued to darken: there's a growing perception among climatologists that the window for action is narrower than we'd imagined, and closing faster. A growing sense that, for instance, sea levels are likely to rise much more quickly and dangerously than we thought even a year ago..." -Bill McKibben, 18 April 2008

Michael PollanWhy Bother?
"...There are so many stories we can tell ourselves to justify doing nothing, but perhaps the most insidious is that, whatever we do manage to do, it will be too little too late. Climate change is upon us, and it has arrived well ahead of schedule. Scientists projections that seemed dire a decade ago turn out to have been unduly optimistic: the warming and the melting is occurring much faster than the models predicted. Now truly terrifying feedback loops threaten to boost the rate of change exponentially, as the shift from white ice to blue water in the Arctic absorbs more sunlight and warming soils everywhere become more biologically active, causing them to release their vast stores of carbon into the air. Have you looked into the eyes of a climate scientist recently? They look really scared." -Michael Pollan, NYTimes

"Climate Change May Put World at War"
Tenfold R&D rise needed...
The Royal United Services Institute: "Climate change could cause global conflicts as large as the two World Wars which will last for centuries unless it is controlled... a tenfold increase in research spending, comparable to the amount spent on the Apollo space programme, will be needed if the world is to avoid the worst effects of changing temperatures.... (story)

Remarks in Paris:
Germany's Gabriel: Bush's "Neanderthal Speech"
In remarks entitled "Bush's Neanderthal speech," German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said: "His speech showed not leadership but losership. We are glad that there are also other voices in the United States." (story)

Thousands of Delegates Tackle Climate Change Issues at UN Forum on Indigenous Issues
Bolivian President Evo Morales in his keynote address at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York: "Theres a rebellion in the Latin American people, especially in the South American people, vis-a-vis The Empire... theyre more interested in fueling luxury cars than in feeding human beings." (Democracy Now interview)

Hundreds of EPA Scientists- More Than Half of Those Surveyed- Report White House Censorship, Interference
Judy Pasternak, The Los Angeles Times

NY Mayor Bloomberg Calls Energy Policy A Disgrace
Mayor Bloomberg: Bush's Energy Policy "arguably the single-most damaging piece of legislation passed in modern times... People are starving to death around this world because of that bill. Its a disgrace. ..Weve got to get real in this country and understand that this dependency on petroleum is damaging our ability to keep peace in the world..." (NY Sun)

Greenhouse Gases, Carbon Dioxide and Methane, Rose Sharply in 2007
"Rapidly growing industrialization in Asia and rising wetland emissions in the Arctic and tropics are the most likely causes of the recent methane increase..." -(ScienceDaily April 24 2008)

Three Planetary Futures
"The rapid pace of environmental change threatens to drastically transform our world. What might the future look like? Alan Weisman, best-selling author of The World Without Us, peers ahead 50 to 100 years to construct plausible scenarios for three widely divergent ecosystems, and the people who inhabit them." (VanityFair April)

US air force calls for mission to combat climate change
"The US air force will this week call for the world's top scientists to come together in a 21st-century Apollo-style programme to develop greener fuels and tackle global warming. It wants universities, governments, companies and environmental groups to collaborate on a multibillion-dollar effort to work out greenhouse gas emissions of existing and future fuels." Guardian UK

Stern warns that climate change is far worse than 2006 estimate
"Lord Stern, the economist whose report on climate change helped galvanise world leaders behind the green energy movement when it was published 18 months ago, has admitted that the situation is far worse than the assumptions that formed the basis of his ground-breaking report. (story)

Climate Code Red
Friends of the Earth's latest report (download pdf)

TruthOut- Environment TO has an extensive listing of recent articles (reprinted without ads) having to do with the environment in a new dedicated area on their website. Current count:150

Biofuels, Algaefuel, and the Food Crisis:
Subsidized demand for ethanol biofuels is causing the displacement of food production, in favor of the more lucrative fuel production, leading to skyrocketing food prices and shortages.
There is an alternative- biofuels from algae, the growing of which- in dry regions with briny water supply- does not displace food farming. The oil derived from algae is wonderfully pure, and a byproduct is nutritious protein cake. Ecoversity is presenting working models of this beneficial technology for local-scale deployment beginning April 2008, with engineer Alphonz Viszolay's Living Algae Machine.

Algae BioFuel Summit
New Delhi, September 2008 info and registration

MIT Energy 2.0
"If a green energy revolution is brewing, it will be the students and twenty-somethings who fire the engines of innovation, rather than today's dominant companies. That was the consensus, anyway, of the roughly 550 researchers, students, entrepreneurs, CEOs and financiers gathered for Energy 2.0: The MIT Energy Conference..."(Wired: "Smells Like Green Spirit") (watch conference videos)

Algae: Huge Potential for Algae Biofuel
"It is possible to sequester as much as one billion tons of CO2 per year from algae farms in lands not useful for any other purpose in the Southwestern United States alone..."
story, ENS | Download Energy Dept Report

Biodiesel might provide new industrial niche for New Mexico: New Mexico Business Weekly

E-Fuel Corp, founded by Floyd Butterfield, who patented the motion sensor technology used in Nintendos Wii gaming system, will be offering this summer an all-in-one home ethanol production system called the MicroFueler, which uses sugar and yeast to produce the ethanol. (NYTimes)

Consuming Nature: To Eat or to Burn

The New Economics of Hunger: The globe's worst food crisis in a generation...
A brutal convergence of events has hit an unprepared global market, and grain prices are sky high. The world's poor suffer most...W heat prices are also rising because U.S. farmers have been planting less of it, or moving wheat to less fertile ground. That is partly because they are planting more corn to capitalize on the biofuel frenzy... This year, at least a fifth and perhaps a quarter of the U.S. corn crop will be fed to ethanol plants. WaPo 4/26

Big US Retailers Rationing Rice
The global food crisis reached the United States as Sam's Club, Costco, and Wal-Mart's cash and carry division have announced they would ration sales of rice... (24 April 2008)

'Silent Tsunami': The Food Price Crisis
"perfect storm" continues to grow

Hunger Hypocrites
"Opposite the American driver, the Haitian peasant doesn't carry much weight." Le Monde, Paris, Editorial, 16 April 2008 (Les Tartuffes de la Faim)

The US Role in Haiti's Food Riots
"Our country plays a huge role in creating the hunger that has led to the riots... we are the giant with our foot on the neck of the people in Haiti... the most important thing is this restructuring of trade, fair trade, restructuring trade. And everybody understands this outside of the United States..." -Bill Quigley, on Democracy Now

Feed-based Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat - Land-use change left out of prior analysis
"Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the full emissions costs of producing these "green" fuels are taken into account..."... two new reports... story, NYT

Here's a Bad Idea: Gas From Trees
the conversion of natural forests to cellulosic fiber farms
"Big Timber, having conquered all but the last islands of old growth, has declared woody biomass as the new frontier of forest liquidation..." -Josh Schlossberg The Eugene Register Guard

The Solar Source

Cloudy Germany a Powerhouse in Solar Energy
The Geosol solar plant is "so clean and green that it produces zero emissions and so easy to operate that it has only three regular workers... "The plant is part of a building boom that has made gloomy-skied Germany the unlikely global leader in solar-generated electricity. Last year, about half of the world's solar electricity was produced in the country. Of the 20 biggest photovoltaic plants, 15 are in Germany, even though it has only half as many sunny days as countries such as Portugal... The reason is not a breakthrough in the economics or technology of solar power but a law adopted in 2000. It requires the country's huge old-line utility companies to subsidize the solar upstarts by buying their electricity at marked-up rates that make it easy for the newcomers to turn a profit. Their cleanly created power enters the utilities' grids for sale to consumers..." Carsten Koernig, managing director of the German Solar Industry Association: "It's been very important to create the necessary market in Germany,... we not only want to master the German market, but to conquer the world market as well." Promoting Solar Nation, a new activist website, Resch said German subsidization of solar energy has made Germany the world's largest solar market, seven times bigger than the United States. "Yet the amount of sunlight that falls on Germany is equivalent to Anchorage, Alaska," he said. "It proves that if it works in Germany, it'll work great in the United States." (WaPo)

Renewable Energy Jobs Soar in Germany
The growing green tech gap... what we've already missed- ( 08 April 2008)

CEOs See Green Energy Policies Preserving US Jobs
"The entire chemical industry and manufacturing sector has lost 3.1 million jobs due to a lack of a coherent energy policy," Dow Chemical Co Chief Executive Andrew Liveris said in an interview at a Wall Street Journal conference near Santa Barbara. "We have a manufacturing crisis in this country ... The leadership of this country needs to step up." (Nichola Groom Reuters 15 March 2008)

Peak Meat:

PETA's Million-Dollar Lab Meat Prize
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is offering a million-dollar prize for the "first person to come up with a method to produce commercially viable quantities of in vitro meat at competitive prices by 2012." - (PETA, April 23, 2008)

Can People Have Meat and a Planet, Too?
"The first international conference on manufacturing meat: the growing of pork, chicken, or beef through cell culture in vats instead of raising and slaughtering animals..." at NYT Dot Earth
New Harvest: "Because meat substitutes are produced under controlled conditions impossible to maintain in traditional animal farms, they can be safer, more nutritious, less polluting, and more humanse than conventional meat..."

Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler
"We grow and kill nearly 10 billion animals a year in the US... Global demand for meat has multiplied in recent years, encouraged by growing affluence and nourished by the proliferation of huge, confined animal feeding operations. These assembly-line meat factories consume enormous amounts of energy, pollute water supplies, generate significant greenhouse gases and require ever-increasing amounts of corn, soy and other grains, a dependency that has led to the destruction of vast swaths of the worlds tropical rain forests..." (Mark Bittman, NYT)

Worldwide Water Crisis
United Nations Environment Programme report: More than half of humanity will be living with water shortages, depleted fisheries and polluted coastlines within 50 years because of a worldwide water crisis, a United Nations report warned...

Beef- Water Footprint: 15,500 Litres of Water Per KG of Beef
See the water footprint of many foods and goods at

in yer bottle-
Bisphenol in Water and Baby Bottles
A Hard Plastic Is Raising Hard Questions

Strange Days on Planet Earth
PBS series well narrated by Edward Norton; insightful and eye-opening stories of damage to one species or ecosystem reverberating through the web of life. Highly recommended. Here is the most recent, on the oceans: Dangerous Catch

Canaries in the Coal Mine:

Update: Bat Crisis: The White Nose Syndrome from the Center for Biological Diversity

Bats Struck by Colony Collapse Disorder in Northeast
"A mysterious illness is sickening and killing thousands of hibernating bats in New York and Vermont, baffling scientists who fear that tens of thousands more may be dying in abandoned mines and dark caves throughout the Northeast." (story)
Bat CCD Update... (NYTimes)
It was broad daylight in the middle of winter, and bats flew out of the mine about one a minute. Some had fallen to the ground where they flailed around on the snow like tiny wind-broken umbrellas, using the thumbs at the top joint of their wings to gain their balance... All would be dead by nightfall...
CRS 2007 Report for Congress: Recent Honey Bee Colony Declines download pdf

Wired: Ecotopias Aren't Just for Hippies Anymore - and They're Sprouting Up Worldwide
"In the 1970s, environmental idealists had a vision of Ecotopia: Everyone recycled, there was no pollution, and we all worshipped trees and co-ops. Today's eco-communities are less crunchy and a lot more high tech. In addition to using renewable energy sources, these projects aim to limit their impact on surrounding ecosystems by building with green materials, promoting earth-friendly transportation, and recycling water and waste. The race for the first carbon-neutral, zero-emissions community is on...." (see article)

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  The Story of Stuff
The Story of Stuff
Don't miss this amusing survey of the consumerist reality and it's toxic consquences. (99% of our production is trashed within 6 months!)

Jeffrey Sachs Earth Institutue Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Columbia's Earth Institute was interviewed on Charlie Rose on the food-fuel crisis April 16.
"Dramatic, immediate commitment to nurturing new technologies is essential to averting disastrous global warming" - Jeffrey Sachs, SciAm March 2008

Michael Pollan Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and The Botany of Desire, on Democracy Now: "what most Americans are consuming today is not food but 'edible food-like substances'." (show)

James Hansen
James Hansen
of NASA: Censorship and the Truth of Global Warming

Interview Mar 21 Democracy Now

Willem Malten Willem Malten Interview KSFR
Willem Malten talks about Ecoversity's mission and activities, peak food, and the worldwide problem of rising prices and falling supply of wheat and other basic foodstuffs. (audio interview, KSFR Radio)
see Willem's Vortex blog

Six Degrees

Nat'l Geographic: Six Degrees
The difference between the world we know and something out of a disaster movie is only a matter of degrees...
National Geographic's online presentation based on Mark Lynas's book Six Degrees can be viewed here.

Face It! Face It!
Learn how to solve global warming and revitalize our economy... -Architecture 2030

Who Killed the Electric Car? -the movie

Do You Know What You Eat?
Drug-laced corn flakes for breakfast? Taco shells infused with detergent enzymes for dinner? Take the short quiz provided by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Know The Oxysphere
"It alarms many to see the slow but steady rise in the CO2 curve, a result of the burning of fossil fuels and other organic matter. What gets little attention, however, is the decline in oxygen levels that the very same curve represents. As carbon is burned, oxygen is consumed. Oxygen naturally tends to recombine with the carbon it was liberated from [by plants]. Oxygen began to accumulate in the atmosphere in appreciable amounts only because the associated carbon was buried in sediments away from oxygen's reach. Humans have learned to extract some this stored carbon from Earth and to utilize the "fossil sun ray" energy that is released as it recombines with oxygen gas in a controlled burn..." Learn more about the Oxysphere

The Wild Horses of Newbury
Greens were filming the tragic destruction of two great old oaks of Newbury, when an amazing thing happened... watch the video

  E C O V E R S I T Y