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Ecoversity TV: Excerpts, Michael Melendrez Class

Michael Melendrez: Soil Secrets, Clips 1-5

Michael Melendrez led the first class of the Urban Gardens Series, speaking on the biology of healthy soil.
See his website,
Michael Melendrez is a long-established New Mexico nurseryman, founder and managing member of Soil Secrets Worldwide LLC, which manufactures organic soil amendments such as compost, soil micro-organisms, including mycorrhizae, and organic fertilizers. Michael also owns Trees That Please in Los Lunas, a production farm and nursery that produces regionally native arid zone hardwoods. For the past 24 years Michael has been developing the Arboretum Tome, a botanical garden in Los Lunas, which has one of the largest species collections of the Oak genus in the United States and the largest collection of New Mexico and Southwestern native trees in the country. Michael also represents the Southwest as an USDA ARS committee member for the Woody Plant Germplasm Program.

"The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself." - Franklin Roosevelt, in a letter to state governors on a Uniform Soil Conservation Law (26 February 1937)

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