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Ecoversity TV: Obama Administration: Steven Chu, DOE

Steven Chu to DOE President-Elect Obama has nominated Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Chu, head of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to be Secretary of Energy. In addition to being an esteemed physicist and molecular biologist, Dr. Chu is a strong proponent of greatly increased scientific education, and the development of alternative energy technologies to urgently combat anthropogenic climate change. At the announcement ceremony, he said, "What the world does in the coming decade will have enormous consequences that will last for centuries. It's imperative that we begin without further delay."
More on Dr. Chu and videos of his recent public talks at Ecoversity TV
Vortex: There is a lot to do for Dr. Chu
Dot Earth: Energy Choice Nobelist With Climate Passion
NYTimes profile of Steven Chu with refs and links

From Wikipedia: Steven Chu is an American experimental physicist. He is known for his research in laser cooling and trapping of atoms, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997. His current research is concerned primarily with the study of biological systems at the single molecule level. He is currently Professor of Physics and Molecular and Cellular Biology of University of California, Berkeley and the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory...
Note: is serving Steven Chu's full address, "A New Energy Program"... view here

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