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Welcome to The Ecoverse

Presenting Ecoversity 2.0!

From this eco-refresh, we know we will be able to expand and reach more of our awesome community of earth workers, spread the permaculture movement even further and make an even bigger impact to fight climate change.

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Introduction to Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is a vital part of a healthy planet, yet many people are unaware of the environmental issues connected to the soil.

Soil health is the key to regenerative agriculture - and is the key factor that modern industrial farming lacks.

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Down to Earth with Zac Efron Featuring Ecoversity Co-Founder, Stephen Brooks

Check out Ecoversity's Co-Founder, Stephen Brooks, featured on Zac Efron's new Netflix show Down to Earth!

Stephen guides Zac all around Costa Rica, exploring sustainable ways of living with his ecological projects, Punta Mona and Alegría Village.

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