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September 30th, 2022


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Join the Permaculture Revolution!
Gain access to top-leading experts, so you can
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global redesign.

Learn with world-leading visionary teachers, and be part of the global redesign, in this 72-hour Permaculture Design Certification course.


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Inside This Internationally Recognized Program:

  • 72 Hours of Expert Training 
  • 2 Weekly Live Taught Sessions with Expert Teachers & Professionals 
  • Weekly Happy-Half Hours to connect with Global Classmates & Teachers 
  • Design Feedback from Teachers with over 25 Years of Experience 
  • Exposure to an International Network of 15,000 Earth Workers.
  • A Community of bad-ass, heat-centered, classmates who are looking for you too! 
  • Enable you to create new streams of income for yourself, plus you will be legally entitled to use the word “permaculture” in your business and teaching activities.
  • To grow with a community of people who share the same vision.

Join the Permaculture Revolution. 

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Permaculture provides you with the toolkit

to create the world you dream of living in.

Create The World You Dream Of

Permaculture Design Systems offer you the tools to transform your inner and outer world.

World-Renowned Teachings

Learn from the best teachers in the world, with over 100 years combined experience.

Create New Means Of Prosperity

Open up new pathways and opportunities to thrive off the gifts of the Earth as you share your big vision with the world.

Build Lasting Confidence

Develop the self-trust and reliance necessary to know that you will always be safe and supported no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Design Your Dream Life

Learn all the tools you need to start designing and living your eco-conscious dream life.

Permaculture provides you with the toolkit

to create the world you dream of living in.

Join A Growing Community Of
Over 14,000 Earth Workers

You’re not alone! The climate crisis is real, and with so much to

tackle, it’s hard to know where to start to make actionable

change. Permaculture is a real, scalable, personally-empowering

design system that can help you redesign your life. The process

we walk you through inside of our LIVE Permaculture Design

Certification is a complete life redesign system that will

empower you to start living your eco-conscious dream life with

a global community of earth workers making this dream reality!

  • In this internationally recognized certification program, you will gain the tools and principles to design a self-sustaining property system for your property or anyone else’s.
  • It gives you the tools to redesign your life, as well as your garden. Your dreams of making the world a better place will have a plan of action behind them!
  • It will teach you how to grow your food, and your relationships.
  • It will foster the right balance of self-reliance and community mindset. From compost to renewable energy, mushrooms to bees, the curriculum will teach you about the earth, ecosystems, community and yourself.
  • It will equip you practically to deal with the very real challenges of our future.
  • Feel confident and secure in your skills and knowledge, and happy to share with those who are ready to listen.
  • Enable you to create new streams of income for yourself, plus you will be legally entitled to use the word “permaculture” in your business and teaching activities.
  • To grow with a community of people who share the same vision.


Course Modules & Schedule

Dates: Dec 7, 2021 – May 31, 2021
Tuesdays at 7PM EST & Thursdays at 1 PM EST
*All sessions are recorded & will be forever accessible to you.

Introduction to Permaculture & Site Analysis

  • Ethics and Principles
  • Local Ecosystems
  • Zone and Sector Analysis
  • Ecological Design Principles
  • Cultural Domains
  • Philosophy & History

Water, Soil, Plants & Bioremediation

  • Climates, Biogeography and Microclimates
  • The Home System
  • Earthworks: Water & Soil
  • Patterns and Pattern Application
  • Risk of Climatic Extremes
  • Conceptual Design

Herbalism, Propogation & Natural Building

  • Animals & Aquaculture
  • Agroforestry
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Botany & Propagation
  • Polycultures & Food Gardens
  • Medicine Gardens
  • Natural Building

Structures, Energy, Urban Design

  • Waste and Bioremediation
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Design for Catastrophe
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Infrastructure: Renewable Energy

Structures, Energy & Urban Design

  • Design for Invisible Structures
  • Economic Systems
  • Land Access
  • Design for Function
  • Closed-Loop Manufacturing Strategies
  • Natural Building vs. Green Building

Design Projects and Presentations

  • Economic Systems in Design
  • Eco-village and Neighborhood Design
  • Intentional Community Building
  • Permaculture Scene & Network
  • Design Projects and Presentations
  • Peer Review

Meet Your Teachers

Stephen Brooks Course Leader

Stephen Brooks has been living for the past 25 years in Costa Rica and is a world leader in creating thriving ecological communities, promoting permaculture practices and fostering sustainable food production models. He is the co-founder of Ecoversity and Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies. In 2006, Stephen co-founded and developed La Ecovilla, a 45 home community in San Mateo, Costa Rica. His most recent addition is Alegria Village, which neighbors La Ecovilla.

Penny Livingston Course Leader

Penny has been teaching internationally and working professionally in the land management, regenerative design & permaculture development field for 30 years and has extensive experience in all phases of ecologically sound design and construction as well as the use of natural non-toxic building materials. She is co-founder of the Regenerative Design Institute. She is a certified instructor from the Permaculture Institute of North America and Permaculture Institute USA.

Plus Incredible Guest Teachers

David Holmgren
Co-Originator of Permaculture

David is globally recognized as a leading ecological thinker, teacher, writer and speaker, promoting permaculture as a realistic, attractive and powerful alternative to dependent consumerism.

Permaculture Designer, Author &  Teacher

Starhawk is the author of thirteen books on earth-based spirituality & activism, including The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, on group dynamics and social permaculture. 

Rosemary Gladstar
American Herbalist

Rosemary has been practicing, teaching and writing about herbs for over 45 years. She founded the United Plant Savers and in 2018 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for her life work from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine.

Brock Dolman
Wildlife Biologist & Restoration Ecologist

Brock is a co-director of OAEC’s Permaculture/Resilient Community Design Program, Wildlands Program and the WATER Institute. He has co-facilitated over 60+ Permaculture Design Certificate Courses since 1995.

Deva Presence
Urban Permaculture Specialist

Deva has been teaching permaculture for a decade with experience in diverse climates and a particular focus on urban design. He has spoken in many international permaculture conferences, gives teacher trainings, Advance Courses, and professional design work.

Kara Alter
Co-Founder of Alegria Village

Kara is a brand strategist and entrepreneur, committed to designing and supporting regenerative business models. She thrives in launching businesses, community-building and utilizes her commitment to ecosystem regeneration, co-creating Alegría Village. 

Itai Hauben
Integrative Eco-Social Designer

Itai has been working with Permaculture Design, Restorative Agro-Ecology and Water Retention Landscapes for decades through global landscapes. His rich experience draws from techniques applied on drylands, warm temperate, subtropical and humid tropical climates. 

Mike Zuckerman
Disaster Relief Specialist

Mike creates spaces and has designed everything from environmental nightclubs to a global network of freespaces. Now, he focuses on the global human migration crisis. He sets up alternatives to traditional refugee camps where the refugees lead in design and implementation of the space. 

& many more surprise guests!

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You Get:

  • 72 Hour Live Online Instruction with World-Leading Teachers & Guest Speakers
  • Lifetime Access To Course Materials
  • Supporting Learning Materials
  • Online Community Groups
  • Online Graduation 
  • BONUS: Ecopreneurship Workshop with Alexa Rosenthal, Ecoversity Co-Founder & CEO

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  • 72 Hour Live Online Instruction with World-Leading Teachers & Guest Speakers
  • Lifetime Access To Course Materials
  • Supporting Learning Materials
  • Online Community Groups
  • Online Graduation 

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Early Bird Price Ends 11/17

“This isn’ some ethereal – new age education, it’s practical wisdom in life stewardship. This is a Revolution disguised as Farming. Permaculture is more than growing food and composting. It’s how to thrive – together.”

– Dylan Agnello, | Denver, Colorado

Past Student Design Projects

We’ve taught students from over 27 countries around the world. To graduate, each student must complete a design project. Together with your classmates, you will develop a design for a REAL-life land project. 

Marta Libera is one of 35 approved projects for our Summer 2020 Class, & her vision is from the Sacred Valley of Peru 🇵🇪


Watch Student Testimonials!

Join the upcoming Webinar Training hosted by internationally recognized  experts, Stephen Brooks & Penny Livingston!

When: Wed, Oct 27, 2021 | Time: 7PM EST | Where: Zoom Link Upon Registration | What: 1.5 Hour Training with Permaculture Experts on Leveling up Your Career with Permaculture 

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What You Get Inside the Permaculture Design Certification:

Live Online Instruction

Learn from world-renowned experts, Penny Livingston & Stephen Brooks, during weekly live video instruction with plenty of Q&A time.

Lifetime Access

Your live classes will be recorded and stored on our student learning platform, so this means you’ll have access to the content for life.

Global Community

Connect with a global community of like-minded visionaries. During these trying times, having a community who supports your vision for the world is truly priceless.

Support Materials

Everything that you need to make the most of your Herbalism certification including presentations, resources and learn-along guides.

Private Facebook Access

Access to your group’s unique private online community where you can ask teachers questions and connect to classmates and fuel your growth.

Expert Access

Receive expert feedback from your teachers so you can bring your learnings into life with confidence.


Diversity Makes

Our Classroom Stronger

For every 10 Paying students Ecoversity sponsors the tuition of 1 student that identifies as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Color). If eligible for our scholarship program, please apply here.

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Giving Back

For every course we donate $1.11 to United Plant Savers

Frequently Asked Questions

A Note From Stephen & Penny ....

“This is just the way it is,” is something that we’d often find ourselves thinking. But Penny & I were really worried about the state of the planet. Things were starting to look pretty grim 25 years ago, and we had a feeling they were only going to get worse as time went on.

We both realized that we couldn’t sit back and do nothing. We couldn’t sit back and watch the planet degrade more quickly than we could restore it.

So we jumped off the cliff and landed right smack in the middle of the permaculture movement and never looked back. We hope you’ll take the jump with us.