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Education is the seed of change. 

Rallied together by the shared knowledge that humans have almost destroyed our ecosystem, united by knowing we’re the last generation that can change it. At Ecoversity we provide you access to the world's leading experts and a global community of change-makers as we learn how to regenerate the world together.


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As seen on Netflix Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Upcoming Free Workshop

Free Live Workshop:
Learn Permaculture Design & Level Up Your Career

with Stephen Brooks, Founder of Alegria Village, Ecovilla & Puna Mona & Penny Livingston, internationally recognized permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. 

📅 Thurs, Oct 21st, 2021 
⌚️ 5PM - 7PM CT
💻: Zoom Link with registration.


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Join the global redesign with Netflix star, Stephen Brooks, internationally recognized teacher, Penny Livingston, & over 10 world-renowned specialized teachers. 

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Learn the Ancient Plant Wisdom with the godmother of western, Rosemary Gladstar, 12-time author, Starhawk, the founder of Herb Pharm, Sara Katz, & so many more!

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Adventure in the Costa Rican jungle to learn regenerative design, positive psychology, entrepreneurship & service in this world-changing leadership program at our home campus. 

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One day, our grandchildren will

spend less time saving the world,

and more time enjoying it.

Our Educational Pillars

Education is the Seed of Change

To address the problems we face as a collective, each one of us must expand our mindset, challenge our understanding, sharpen our tools, and try new ways of doing things. This is why we teach.

Rooted In Nature's Teachings

At Ecoversity all of our teachings are taken from nature’s guiding principles.

We believe that harmony comes from balancing the technologies of the future, with forgotten wisdom of the past.

Progress Comes From The Heart

The heart of change is connection. At Ecoversity we stimulate the minds, give method to the hands but real progress comes from the heart.

We know that what we’re setting out to do, cannot be accomplished alone. We pride ourselves on creating families and ecosystems for change all over the world. 

Power In Participation

Everybody has a role to play. Each of us has the power to ‘do’ something. Opportunities to participate aren't just in the Senate house, they’re in workplaces, living rooms, and conversations with neighbors.

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What Students Say...

Learn Anywhere,
Learn Everywhere

 Our classrooms are thriving international polycultures, filled with students from all over the world. Built for cross-pollination and buzzing with diverse perspectives, and most importantly, new friendships.  

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The Ecoversity Advantage


92% Say They're Set to Make Real-Life Impact

92% of students stated they are confident in applying what they learned from an Ecoversity course in real-life.

Solutions-Based Approach To Learning

Our students learn case-based, field-tested solutions from teachers on the ground, so they can implement learnings immediately.

Global Community of Kindred Spirits

Our students & teachers hail from ecosystems world-wide, which provide a cross-pollinating educational environment unlike any other.

World-Class Experts Live Access

Students gain access to worldwide teaching talent, with live and interactive classes to build life-changing relationships.

94% Are More Than Satisfied

We're dedicated to making our students thrive, satisfaction is only the starting point. 

Our Jungle Campus

Exclusive access to a tropical Costa Rican paradise and regenerative campus, for hands-on learning and cutting hedge insight..
sorry we meant *edge.

Diversity Makes Our Classroom Stronger

For every 10 paying students, Ecoversity sponsors the tuition of 1 student that identifies as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Color). If eligible for our scholarship program, please apply below. 

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Healing the Earth is going to take a table long enough for all of us. 


Free Permaculture Class:

Ecovillage Design

Take a peek inside the classroom with this free class with Stephen Brooks, Founder of Alegria Village, Ecovilla & Puna Mona & Penny Livingston, internationally recognized permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. 


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