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The Earth Leadership School

Founded for the future, in reverence to the past. 

The world is changing. And education is too.

Ecoversity is a school with one thing in mind - to empower the people. We’ve scoured the world to bring you the greatest wisdom in sustainability, personal development and innovation. We're here for your growth & the health of the planet. 

The Earth has information for us, if we learn how to listen.

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The Healing Power of Mushrooms

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We Built our School on these Pillars:


Everything begins with the self. Before we know where to go, we need to know who is going there.


 The earth is our home, and we only have one. We get to thrive here, by learning through her


Once we know who and where we are, we can invite others in.


When we are full, we can give back. This is how we gift.

Semester for Change

If not now, when? If not you, who?  We’re launching something very big in the fall.

Semester for Change is a leadership-driven collegiate program to train change-makers. The world needs you now. SFC is holistically focused in sustainability, positive psychology, service & entrepreneurship.

Earth | Self | Community | Action


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