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Let's hang out and regenerate the world.  

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Social media is the current that connects the world - and we want to be friends.  Like, share, comment - this is one of our greatest meeting places. 

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At Ecoversity, we provide you access to the world's leading experts and a global community of change-makers, so you can align your life with impact.


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This program is designed to accelerate growth, illuminate opportunities, and be a stepping stone towards greater Earth Leadership.


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Diversity Makes Our World Stronger

For every 10 Paying students Ecoversity sponsors the tuition of 1 student that identifies as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Color). If eligible for our scholarship program, please apply here.


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Our Goals

 Promise to make our classrooms diverse. Every course will have a scholarship program to ensure class, race, sex, finance is no obstacle in a regenerative education.

Committed to being cutting edge - we're always learning and updating our courses and curriculum, so nothing gets out-dated.

Dedicated to making regenerative choices as a company; this means our travel, yoga-break, and rest policies are all made with restoration at the heart.

To deliver free education, tips, and insight via our social channels for anyone that wants to learn.

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