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Punta Mona, Costa Rica

Where the Wild Ones Roam...

We are honored to have one of the most beautiful and diverse campuses in the world... Punta Mona, founded by Ecoversity's co-founder, Stephen Brooks, is an off-the-grid permaculture farm and educational retreat center on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  


25 years since her creation, Punta Mona is now one of the most bio-diverse permaculture farms in Central America bursting with over 300 different varieties of tropical trees including; fruit trees, nut trees, root crops, vegetables, & more than 150 medicinal plants.


Aside from the plants, Punta Mona is home to another ecosystem, a vibrant community of permies, herbalists, chefs, yogis, builders, and artists. Individually and collectively on a mission to practice and teach a simpler, regenerative way of living that nourishes mind, body, spirit, and Earth.


Come learn at our living campus.


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