Our Ethics &

The Earth has information for us, if we learn how to listen. 

We must change our individual behaviors and redesign our collective structures; from kitchen to boardroom, from reusable tote bag to creating regenerative resources. This task is the biggest and the smallest. The most daunting and the most exciting.

Our Core Principles

Education is the Seed of Change 

To address the problems we face as a collective, each one of us must expand our mindset, challenge our understanding, sharpen our tools, and try new ways of doing things. To create change, first each one of us must understand how.

Ecoversity provides the teachings that will enable anyone to learn how to work with the planet and make lasting change.

Rooted In Nature's Teachings

At Ecoversity, all of our teachings are taken from nature’s guiding principles. We believe this can inform us of how we redesign energy resources, replicate communication styles, or mimic nature for healing purposes.

We believe that harmony comes from balancing the technologies of the future with forgotten wisdom of the past.

That’s why all of our teachers have field experiences, and each and every class is inspired by nature.

Progress Comes From The Heart

At the heart of change is connection.
At Ecoversity, we stimulate the mind and
give method to the hands, but real progress comes from the heart.

We know that playing, laughing, and empathizing with your peers and professors is as important as what you're learning.

We pride ourselves on creating families and ecosystems for change all over the world.


Power In Participation

We are all part of a whole. An ecosystem does not exist without the living beings inside. Which means, collectively, we are greater than one. 

We don’t educate people so they can hold the weight of knowledge on their shoulders. We educate people in the form of community so they know they are more powerful together than apart.


How We Get There


Everything begins with the self. Before we know where to go, we need to know who is going there.


The earth is our home, and we only have one. We get to thrive here, by learning through her.


Once we know who and where we are, we can invite others in.


When we are full, we can give back. This is how we gift.

Diversity Makes Our Classroom Stronger

For every 10 Paying students Ecoversity sponsors the tuition of 1 student that identifies as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Color). If eligible for our scholarship program, please apply here.


Apply Here

 Our Promises 

 Promise to make our classrooms diverse. Every course will have a scholarship program to ensure class, race, sex, finance is no obstacle in a regenerative education


Committed to being cutting edge - we're always learning and updating our courses & curriculum, so nothing gets out-dated.

Dedicated to making regenerative choices as a company; this means our travel, yoga-break, and rest policies are all made with restoration at the heart.

To deliver free education, tips, and insight via our social channels for anyone that wants to learn.

Most importantly, at Ecoversity we are dedicated to having fun. We're facing serious problems, and we’re serious about ensuring we solve them with heart, laughter and real solutions.

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