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Nature's Pharmacy: 
Understanding Herbs & Their Medicinal Properties 

With Seraphina Capranos & Sobande Greer

  • Learn from renowned Herbalists with over 50+ Years of Herbal Medicine practice.
  • Discover the medicines in your backyard or neighborhood.
  • Bust the myth that “you need to be a scientist” to understand the power of herbal medicine.
  • Tap into ancestral wisdom and our oldest relationships as humans.


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Webinar Information

Nature’s Pharmacy is a must-attend webinar for anyone interested in the medicinal properties of herbs. In this informative session, participants will learn how to identify and use herbs for healing and wellness. With a focus on natural remedies and traditional medicine, this webinar is suitable for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of herbal medicine, regardless of their level of experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the healing power of nature’s pharmacy with renowned lifelong herbalists Seraphina Capranos & Sobande Greer. 




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Meet Your Instructors

Seraphina Capranos
Clinical Herbalist & Founder of The Center for Sacred Arts

Seraphina’s European grandparents first introduced her to the healing power of natural medicine. While seasonally gathering herbs in rural Ontario they lovingly taught her about the traditional wisdom of herbs and plant lore.

Sobande Greer
Founder NCB (Natural Choices Botanical) School of Herbalism

Iya Angelique "Sobande" Greer is a Tennessee-based Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Strategist & Desert Storm Veteran. She founded the first African American School of Herbalism in the United States in 1992 - The NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health.