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David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet
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October 9th, Written By Madeline Crandall

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet was recently named ‘The Most Important Documentary of the Year” by Forbes and the Ecoversity Team couldn’t agree more. 

David Attenborough has dedicated his life to nature documentaries and showing planet earth to humanity. He has dedicated his life’s work to be centered around the health of our planet, the good life of the human race, and the future world of our biodiversity.

The following quote from David Attenborough summarizes the idealism of the new Netflix documentary, ““A Life on Our Planet is my witness statement, and my vision for the future. It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.” - David Attenborough

Many people know of David Attenborough’s voice as being the soothing source of our nature documentaries for the last six decades, like Planet Earth, Our Planet, Blue Planet, Seven Worlds: One Planet, Life on Earth, Frozen Planet, Natural World and so many more. However, Life On Our Planet goes through Attenborough's life exploration since his twenties and describes the dwindling amount of biodiversity he has witnessed first hand. Attenborough does a phenomenal job at humanizing the current climate crisis and providing solutions for continual issues of deforestation, limited carbon sequestration, organic farming and soil degradation.

This newest netflix documentary is focused on explaining the large-scale picture of environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, carbon cycles, regenerative farming and soil erosion. In climate change news, it shows the warming trends relationship to human activity since the 20th century. Our actions are catching up to us in different forms of climate devastation including heat waves, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes around the globe.

At what is hopefully the dawn of the rising of our environmental consciousness, David Attenborough lives on at 94 years old. Through exploring the wild places of our planet and reflecting upon his defining moments, he uses this new netflix movie to explain the devastational and irreversible changes he has seen through being a lifetime naturalist. This first hand account of humanity’s impact on the globe is awe-striking and the imperative need for humankind to take action. 

At Ecoversity we are on a mission to train as many changemakers who keep the Earth high on their value list. Most popularly, we have launched our permaculture design certification, which now has over 200 students from 27 different countries.  Within the class, our teachers train students with the tools they can use to redesign their micro and macro worlds, and face issues like climate change head on. Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on whole systems thinking, simulating, or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. Essentially, it is a design philosophy and tool-set to engage any consumer of it’s wisdom to live in greater harmony with the Earth, and famously spoken by it’s founder Bill Mollison, to “maximize hammack time.” It uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience. 

Join the waitlist to our next Permaculture Design Certification and be a part of the global redesign.


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David Attenborough Biography:
During his lifetime of achievement, Attenborough has received myriad honors. He was knighted in 1985, received the Order of Merit from Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 and holds at least 31 honorary degrees from British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. He published his biography, Life on Air, in 2002, and in 2012, was the subject of the BBC documentary Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild. In 2014, a poll revealed that he was considered to be the most trustworthy public figure in Britain. Attenborough is also the most traveled person in recorded human history and is the oldest person to have ever visited the North Pole. But in perhaps the most fitting tribute of all, several species of plants, insects and birds have been graced with Attenborough’s name, ensuring that it will live alongside the many creatures that he has spent his life celebrating and protecting.



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