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ecoversity regenerative living Sep 14, 2021

​​Earth, we have lift off! πŸš€πŸŒπŸ‘©‍πŸš€

Hello, friends of The Ecoverse... We wanted to introduce you to the new Ecoversity ‘look and feel’, designed to visually present the regenerative world we’re learning to create together alongside our kick-ass teachers and wise students.

“One small leap for Ecoversity, one giant leap for humankind” πŸ‘©‍πŸš€

— Ecoversity Earthling

So Why A New Look?

Did you know Ecoversity has only been alive for less than two years?! When we began this journey recently, we quickly went right into the thick of providing education through our Permaculture Design Certification.

Right away, we began to teach about accelerating & regenerating land, with world-renowned teachers who have devoted their lives to do this, through six-month intensive programs that involve consulting on global land design projects for our 500+ students, whilst also providing hands-on learning experiences for them to grow on our Costa Rican permaculture campus at Punta Mona.

We are ecstatic to announce that in less than two years, we’ve gathered a global community of change-makers from 37 different countries to make a real-world impact on their land and in their communities, primarily focused on regenerative farming practices as well as real social impact.

Since we grew (literally) so quickly throughout the world, we wanted to slow down to focus on discovering our true mission, vision and purpose in this world. We also wanted to nail down the new Ecoversity ‘look and feel’, designed to visually represent the regenerative world we’re learning to create together alongside our kick-ass teachers and wise students.

Here’s a word from our Co-Founder, Alexa Rosenthal on the future of Ecoversity and all the excited feels we’re currently feeling;


Holy, Mother Earth - it's been a wild few months in the history of this planet 🌎 We've heard from many of you the anxieties and woos of increasing climate emergencies. One thing is clear, as a human family, we're in trouble.

Rallied together by the shared knowledge that humans have almost destroyed our ecosystem, united by knowing we're the last generation that can change it. At Ecoversity, we're here with bright rainbow light to tell you, hold on - don't give up. This clean-up party is just getting started. 

In the wake of increasing climate disasters worldwide, we've been deep in reflective and build mode. We've examined our big 'why' talked to our wisdom keepers, yoga breaked between typing & designing rigorously on our screens to bring you something. 

Healing the Earth will take a table long enough for all of us - all voices, ecosystem inhabitants, and perspectives. As the Earth Leadership School, we're here to accelerate a regenerative future.

They say that you can recognize true leadership in communities by looking to porches. Those that set up space for the community to gather are the leaders.  

Welcome to our porch. Introducing...The Ecoverse. 


We’re into it. We hope you are too. Which brings us onto the next point…

Be A Part Of Our Community

It’s time to welcome you in! 

You are cordially invited to a place we call the ‘Ecoverse,’ so deeply rooted in nature’s teachings that is truly the seed of change and that change is fuelled by compassion. In the Ecoverse participation means progress, and everyone's invited to help fight the fight. We will be using all of our channels to share education, tips, laughs along the way, and showcasing our students and projects that are changing the world. Dive deep into our new website, bookmark our blog, follow on Facebook, join a class with a friend and investigate over on Instagram. You won’t regret it. 

Our growing community of over 35,000 earth workers has a spot for you in it! If you’re ready to take a leap of your own (just like we did!) then why not head across to our certification pages and sign-up to the waitlist of a class or workshop that resonates with you. 

Let’s regenerate the world together.

 With all the love & a vision for a better planet,

The Ecoversity Team 🌍

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