Embody Your Purpose

an 8-week guided journey to awaken your purpose with the tools of a permaculture & embodiment techniques.

Join live weekly with Permaculture Expert Stephen Brooks, & Higher-Self Strategist Andrea Belén to gain clarity, find your purpose, & define next life steps. 

You don't have to do this alone. We'll be a big community strong, exploring together! 


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We are in the midst of a great revolution.
You living on Purpose is required. 

This course is where Permaculture Principles (how to relate to your outer world) & Embodiment Techniques (how to relate to your inner world) meet. Together this tool-kit can unlock your greatest purpose (if you're ready to show up!).

Awaken Your Purpose

Collaborate with expert guides to help you gain the clarity required to find your purpose by using the tools of permaculture and embodiment techniques. 

Gain Permaculture Tools

Learn the permaculture tools to help you identify your core principles & live in alignment with your environment & the Earth. 

Learn Embodiment Techniques

Explore ancient & scientifically proven tools that will help you navigate daily life with more ease, communicate truthfully, and clarify your life purpose. 

Know your next step

Create actionable goals to activate in the real-world with our life vision project and community accountability. 

We are in times of great change...

For the first time in our lives our internal and external world is in question; covid 19 has asked us to consider who we are, and what we stand for. Are we living in community, or in silo, do we vote for change, or let change happen, is our voice heard, or muffled? Do we ignore climate change or be part of the solution, do we buy, use, live and act consciously, or unconsciously? Does our ‘work’ light us up, or leave us drained. Are we happy, or unhappy? 

Your answers are not ‘out there’, they live within, you just need to access them. 
  • Are you sick and tired of doing a job you don’t love?
  • Feeling stuck in the environment you're in?
  • Find yourself repeating conversations that make you feel small and alone?
  • Not knowing your next move, but like there must be another way?
Your big purpose is waiting for you, we're here to help.

Let's imagine this reality...

You walk into a room confident of who you are,
where you're going, and why you're here.

You share your life vision with pride,
knowing where you're headed is on purpose,
is aligned to your long-term goals,
& with respect for your community and the Earth

The relationships you have in your life, turn you on,
turn you up, and make you feel energized.

You feel confident and secure in your skills and unique
gifts and are activated to share them.

Welcome, you have Embodied Your Purpose.

This isn’t a ‘woo-woo’ philosophy. This is the toolkit we have used to build two eco-villages, a fashion eco-brand, Punta Mona a 100-acre living classroom, spoken on two TEDx stages to hundreds of people & a Netflix feature. 

You can live with purpose with big impact too - we're here to help. 

As seen in Netflix's Down to Earth with Zac Efron and...

It took a near death experience...

“There has to be more than this,” is something that we’d often find ourselves asking. Looking back, we can both say we struggled with our own fears and conditioning, before we took control of our destinies.

For Andrea, it was when her nervous system shut down and she was hospitalized for three weeks. The doctors said she would never be able to live without care again. And when she shut down, another part of her woke up. This is when she knew she needed to find another way...

For Stephen it was the moment he saw indigenous children in Costa Rica being sprayed with toxic chemicals in the name of agriculture. He then heard the unapologetic call to restore harmony...but how, what, and where?

We both realized that we couldn’t sit back stagnantly, but needed toolr callings. So we went searching. We explored, far and wide, collected years of wisdom (and breakdowns) to discover what questions & tools were needed in order to redesign s to help move forward, and strengthen ouour lives from the inside out.

Stephen found permaculture and Andrea found the world of energetics; and they began radically transforming their worlds. And then we found each-other.

Embody Your Purpose is where Permaculture Tools  (outer-work) & Alignment Techniques (inner-work) meet, the tools both Stephen & Andrea have dedicated their lives to. 

Embody Your Purpose is the sum of all of it, our permaculture & life alignment tool-kit to align your life with purpose.

The process we walk you through inside of our Live
Embody Your Purpose 8-Week Journey is a complete
lifestyle redesign from the inside out…

You’ll have the tools you need to finally awaken & align your purpose and implement your ideal life-design system and know how to fit the needs of you and your family, your community and beyond.

You’ll be equipped with the tools to identify blocks, understand energy frequencies & lead from the heart.

You’ll identify and embrace the clarity of your needs so you can communicate them.

You’ll learn the art of listening & how to empathetically relate to yourself and your environment.

You’ll explore foundational principles and then claim your own.

You’ll learn to integrate a whole-systems approach to problem solving and ideation.

You’ll learn how to integrate ritual and ceremony to bring more meaning to your life.

You’ll be the leader of your life, clear on where you stand, what you believe in and what happens next.

You’ll have the confidence and security that comes with building a beautiful purpose-driven lifestyle.

And really, this is all just the beginning.

The sky's the limit once you understand how purpose really works. Once you know in your bones that you are here on purpose, that your fate is in your hands, then you can step into any reality you can dream up.

What You Get Inside the
Embody Your Purpose Live Program...

Live Instruction

Learn from high-self strategist, Andrea Belen & permaculture visionary, Stephen Brooks, during weekly 1.5 hour live video instruction with plenty of Q&A time.

Lifetime access

Your live classes will be recorded and stored on our student learning platform, so this means you’ll have access to the content for life.

Global Community

Connect with a global community of like-minded explorers. During these trying times, having a community who supports your self-exploration is truly priceless.

All course materials

Everything that you need to make the most of your Embody Your Purpose Journey.

Private Facebook Access

Once you join, you’ll gain access to your group’s unique private online community. Here you can ask questions directly to Stephen & Andrea, connect with your journey-mates and build relationships that can fuel your growth.

Tools for alignment

In this program you’ll open access to the tools of alignment that Stephen & Andrea have cultivated in their life. With these tried and true tools, we can move closer to the center of your purpose.

Live-vision ceremony

Ritual and ceremony help us be seen, and celebrate our discoveries. Together, we will share an intimate space to reveal how we’ve grown, where we’re going and how to live on big purpose.

Surprise guests

At Ecoversity, our community is our super power. Get ready to meet some incredible humans.

Plus Bonus Gifts...
Permaculture Starter Guide

Vision Board Activation Guide

Weekly Happy Half Hour Sessions to connect deeper with Andrea & Stephen

Exclusive Embody Your Purpose Meditations

& more inside! 

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Online Schedule & Curriculum

Dates: Nov 18th - Jan 13th
Wednesdays at:

3pm Los Angeles || 4pm Costa Rica/Denver || 6pm New York || 7pm Argentina || 9am Australia || 11PM London

Weekly Sessions: Nov 18, Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16, Dec 23, Dec 30, Jan 6 + Live Vision Ceremony (Date TBD) [9 Total Classes]

Plus New Years Life-Vision Ceremony Included!

*All sessions are recorded & will be forever accessible to you

Week 1
Defining Purpose


☽Introduction to Permaculture

☽Purpose Definitions

☽the Power of  Embodiment

☽Legacy & Service

Week 2
The Foundation of Energetics


☽Emotional Literacy & Mapping

☽Duality & Wholeness

☽Frequency of Feelings

☽Energetic Fields

Week 3
Defining Your Principles


☽Foundational Principles

☽Earth Principles with Permaculture

☽Personal Heritage & Life Design

Week 4 
Transforming Limiting Beliefs


☽Science of Beliefs

☽Planetary Trauma

☽Create Your Own Criteria

Week 5


☽Universal Human Needs

☽Balancing Relationships

☽Symbiotic & Parasitic Relating

☽Create Your Own Criteria

Week 6
Whole Systems Thinking


☽Inner & Outer Integration

☽Cooperation vs. Competition

☽Conscious & Assertive Communication

Week 7
Relating to Your Space


☽The Art of Listening

☽Empathic Relating


Week 8
Visioning & Manifesting


☽Manifestation Techniques

☽Integrity in Leadership

☽Aligning Purpose with Principles

☽Life-Vision Closing Ceremony

What other students say…

But first deep stories from your guides Stephen & Andrea...

We've been blessed to have guided & learned from many students...

More about your guides...

Andrea Belén

is passionate about inner transformation, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, feminine empowerment and social impact endeavors. She is the founder of Etérea, a sustainable fashion and conscious lifestyle brand. She also founded Espacio, an Independent Design platform, which assembles a community of more than 35 creative entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of Dress your Rights, a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and promote a paradigm of conscious, ethical and responsible sense of style and fashion, as a tool for social transformation. Her mission is to contribute towards a more encompassing and equitable world.

Stephen Brooks

is a world leader in creating thriving ecological communities, promoting permaculture practices and fostering sustainable food production models. He is the founder of Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies. In 2006, Stephen co-founded La Ecovilla, a 45 home community in San Mateo, Costa Rica. His most recent addition is Alegria Village, which neighbors La Ecovilla. Stephen, also co-founded and co-produces the annual Envision Festival. In addition, he has hosted several television shows on the Travel Channel, Discovery, ABC and guided Zac Efron on his recent visit to Costa Rica for his latest show on Netflix!

Guest Guide

Alexa Rosenthal is the co-founder of Ecoversity, The Be You Be Sure Project, & former Marketing Director for Envision Festival.  She is a creative multimedia storyteller and nature enthusiast based in Philly, USA. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to educate and empower youth to explore themselves using the tools of sustainability, self-development & entrepreneurship.

How to know if Embody Your Purpose is for You?

You know you are here for a reason, but you're having a hard time clarifying and connecting to what that is.

At the moment, you’re wrestling with identifying your wants, needs, values and purpose.

You are not fulfilled with the way you are living your current life and would like direction on what's next.

You want to surround yourself with a community of people with common values and similar dreams.

You want to get better with your communication skills to have healthier more nourishing relationships.

You want to find deep connection to nature and incorporate ritual and healthy practices into your day to day life.

You have a strong desire to live your purpose path that includes a life partner, job and high quality of life.

If you’re a yes to one or many of the above, then you’re in the right place. If not for you, who? If not now, when?


It's time to Embody Your Purpose.

Living on purpose can feel overwhelming, but you know

We have a proven approach to guide you to your big purpose. Actually, our entire planet Earth is begging for you to awaken to your full potential. She needs you to, and we do too. 

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all lived our purpose? Can you just for one moment, let yourself feel it?

This is what we’re here for.

We invite you to join us,

Andrea & Stephen ☽

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